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MōhioExpress prompts clinicians allowing them to quickly view the status of various indicators as well as the patient’s eligibility for funded programmes. 


MōhioExpress is able to feed through data from any Practice Management System (PMS), allowing for full integration with the system. Best of all, it's fast. Sitting outside the PMS means that MōhioExpress doesn't slow down your PMS and also ensures overall stability.

Preview of MōhioExpress:























Each indicator can be customised to each practice or organisations requirements:


Red - Screening is overdue or has not been completed

Orange - An updated screening will need to be completed soon

Green - Screening is complete, no follow-up needed


MōhioExpress' display can also be adjusted to a single strip that displays the indicators, freeing up your vital screen space. Sitting outside the PMS also allows for the display to be moved anywhere on your screen. Simply click, drag and drop.


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